Sto is a small to medium sized city, low and sprawling. Founded as a trading outpost it sits on the vital artery of the River Sto connecting the coast to the dwarfholts to the north, near the Elfwilt to the west and near the vital trade resources of the Halfling Fens. Sto is ruled by Baron Sto XII, but is a colony of the Duke of Safirakor. There are occasional tensions between the two as Sto grows in wealth it seeks more independence. Due to current jealously consolidation of power at the Jeweled cities there are no “state” buildings (no temples, universities, etc) allowed in the colonies, a particular sticking point between Sto and their colonial mother.

The city is unofficially divided into racial quarters, roughly mirroring their distribution across the sub-continent. There is plenty of wealth, and several ornate manners dot the cityscape. There is no centralized plaza these merchant homes consolidate themselves in, rather the merchants expand their homes within their home quarter. The estate of the Baron Sto is a large compound, lacking the heavy fortifications of most cities in Naissus. The walls are low, as no military conflicts have threatened the expansion of the city.

Although nearer to Portage than Safirakor, Sto is NOT the mother city of Portage. Both are equally colonies of the Duke of Safirakor. “Owning” Sto makes Safirakor powerful compared to most of the Jeweled Cities, but not THE most powerful (Valekor is the largest and richest, while Ystavikor is the oldest and most revered).

There is a contingent of mercenaries, as well as local guards and militia tasked with protecting the city should conflict ever arise. Should military characters need steady work, this is the sort of town to retire to after a foray into adventuring, to serve as mercenary guards.


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