Rolling Discord

Stick 'em

Emboldened by their success the party dashed onwards, down the corridor lined with flickering torches. Quickly the corridor opened up into a wide low ceilinged room. Eight sarcophagi were spaced evenly across the floor, the faces long worn off, or smashed to pieces by looters or the current kobold occupants. Niches lined the walls, former tombs, their contents dumped unceremoniously to the floor to make room for kobold beds. The occupants of those beds were awake, and immediately shouted in alarm. Our intrepid heroes dashed down 3 stairs and into the room.

Ember shouted a warning as they entered, there were a series of pits in the center of the tomb, covered by boards and fabric, crude traps.

Peredu, Norge, and Avyx heeded this warning and veered to their left. Unfortunately Avyx and Norge had to proceed on their own, as two slingers took aim at him, gluing him to the ground and lighting him on fire. Peredu would, ultimately, spend the rest of the fight alternating between being glued in place and being set ablaze.

Once more Ember resorted to using her crossbow, and Mairwen decided discretion was the better part of valor joined her with her own crossbow. The two settled in to plink away at the kobolds while Norge and Avyx smashed their way in a circle around the room, while the kobolds gave ground (and blood) in the face of their assault. Ultimately Peredu finally freed himself from the glue and fire combination, and joined the fray, bursting into the last knot of kobolds defending a hallway deeper into the catacombs. One turned to flee down this hall, another skirted to the side and held ground for the final kobold who completed the circle and came face to face with Ember and began savaging her with a short sword. Mairwen, again realizing discretion was better than bleeding ran to the opposite corner and resumed plinking.

Responding to the shrill screams of the halfling, Peredu left the kobold to Avyx and Norge and chased down Ember’s attacker.

And just like that, it was over. The final kobolds fell dead, and the clinking of kobold claws faded down the hallway. Bloodied and battered the party took time to heal and poke through the ruined tombs. The bones had been smashed to pieces long ago, presumably by those looking for treasures (and not finding them) in moments of juvenile rage. Some small gold coins were found in the beds of the kobolds, along with a small statuette of a dragon (likely an idol worshiped by the kobolds it was reasoned).

Coffers filled, wounds bandaged, they set off down the hallway, deeper under the hill…



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