Deckland Brandt

Constable of Portage


A young human, Deckland is a minor noble who has been awarded the position of Constable of Portage through patronage. He is an idealistic man, fascinated with the notion of bringing law to an ignorant backwater. He is a charming, if arrogant man, dressed in gold trimmed armor and immaculately coiffed hair.

Deckland runs afoul of the party when he arrests them for murder after they killed several townsfolk turned zombies and cultists. Unswayed by their story of “zombies” he tosses them in the Portage prison and sends a regiment of guards to investigate. The outcome of this investigation is unknown as the party aided by Ember (who had evaded capture) and Belkin manufacture an escape through the tunnels of the old fortifications.

Deckland Brandt

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