Aldwyn Beldri Begenhand

Eladrin Ranger (Melee Dungeoneering)


Aldwyn is an orphan, raised as a ward of the Fey-state. His parents died in a horrific accident that he doesn’t talk about much…and when he does each time it is a slightly different version. Initially seeking long-lost relatives Aldwyn has become enamored with this plane of existence, and is looking to explore and adventure before being dragged back to the Fey.

He is snobbish and stand-offish, initially he would only speak in Elvish, and is disdainful of the half-elf race, viewing them as only “half worthwhile.” He is very close-mouthed about his past, although over time has opened up slightly to the resident halfling, Ember and to a lesser extent the half-elf Mairewen.

He is able to store his personal possessions in a “fey-pocket” around his person, so while seemingly unarmed he can reach into the fey, pick up his swords from this closet, and have them appear in his hands (seemingly out of nowhere). Observers who stand particularly close to Aldwyn can observe this phenomenon, as a double vision of a large closet crammed with items next to Aldwyn. Theoretically they too could reach in and snag something from this fey-pocket, although his severe aversion to invasions of personal space prevent this from occurring.

He carries two longswords, and is equipped in leather armor. He is a Dungeoneering-oriented melee ranger, not a hippie lovie dovie archery nature ranger.

Aldwyn Beldri Begenhand

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