Rolling Discord

Of Spiders and Men

The party entered the cavern beneath the necropolis, edging single file through the natural fissure in the rock. As they entered deeper Peredu, taking point, noticed a series of bones dangling from the ceiling. Ducking under these crude alarms the party noticed the marks of picks along the wall, the natural fissure had been expanded by “human” efforts into a widened corridor. As they descended deeper, the marks became less crude, the floor leveled and the walls and floor met at neat right angles. Finally, the walls were covered in masonry blocks, lining the corridor so as to appear they were inside a giant building, and not the depths of a cavern. After some puzzling, poking at walls, and tracing the design work, the party concluded that this had been the work of Dragonborn.

Finally, after winding down into the heart of the hill, the cavern opened up into a small room, with a short stairway with a half open door at the base. Tom, Dick, and Harry were placed in the middle of the group, and with enormous reservation the party walked down the couple of stairs into a low square room with rotted tapestries scattered on the walls. Two corridors opened up across the room from the party.

Presented with…nothing…the party set about exploring the room, and Avyx prodded the closest tapestry, looking behind the rotting cloth, revealing an empty closet. As she turned away…she began to feel biting on her legs, looking down she was covered by a swarm of fist sized spiders. Chaos, to put it briefly, erupted.

While spells flew and crossbow bolts ricocheted, Avyx frantically hopped and danced while Peredu got down on his hands and knees, using the hilt of his sword to smash giant spiders. E,ber, freaking out ran into the corner of the room shrieking “No! Don’t bring them over heeeere” when Avyx started to run away from the spiders towards her. Then, while everyone was thus occupied a kobold came running out of a side corridor and stabbed Norge in the back.

At this Tom, Dick, and Harry promptly dropped their rusted swords and fled back out of the hill. Peredu started to follow them, calling for them to come back hurt and frustrated after losing them after all the time he spent alternating between bonding with and threatening them. However, Avyx began to scream shrilly, and Peredu noticed that the spiders had crawled under his armor.

Mairwen and Norge concentrated on the Kobold, Mairwen littering the air liberally with hand-crossbow bolts, while Norge smacked it with his ax. Avyx and Peredu resumed smashing spiders while Ember, frustrated with her errant eldritch blasts switched to her own crossbow and began to pick off spiders.

Eventually, the kobold was killed, and the last spiders smashed, stomped, scorched, or sliced.

A haggard, bitten, stabbed, and exhilarated party tossed the small room the kobold had been hiding in (finding a stash of rusted weaponry, and some gold), stopped long enough to bandage the worst of their wounds and raced deeper into the labyrinth…



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