The continent of Naissus has been tamed, the wilds conquered; civilization, order, and law rule the land. Seeking the last pockets of adventure in an increasingly bureaucratized world a group of would-be heroes wander into the small town of Portage.

Portage is situated at the edges of civilization, across the river from the Desolate Plains, along a quirk of geography which made it a once-vital stop in the trade from the Dwarfholts to the Coast. Instead of a rollicking Wild West town, the party finds a muddy, filthy backwater, seemingly on the verge of total collapse. Disappointed they accept a contract to clear a small stronghold of bandits across the river, seeking enough money to escape this hellhole.

However, things are never as simple as they seem, and even civilization can be just a facade hiding the roiling coils of chaos…

This campaign is an interesting affair in that none of us (save one) had ever so much as played D&D before, let alone DMed. We discovered what house rules to implement, how to construct players and adventures, and quite literally how to play the game as we continued throughout each session. As such each “log” will contain notes from the DM, how the session was created, the logic behind the choices, and how they played out. This is intended to show the learning curve and the experience as people out of the game, and not just the adventures of characters in the game.

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